B2 Vokabeln

B2 Vokabeln: GefÜhle, Gesundheit, Arbeitsplatz

Hier finden Sie einige Wörter und Phrasen auf B2-Niveau zu den Themen: Gefühle, Gesundheit und Arbeitsplatz. Das wäre doch was für uns! That would be something for us! in der Menge untergehen to get lost in the shuffle Es geht oft in der Alltagshektik unter. It often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of…

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B2 Vokabeln: Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft

For those preparing for the Goethe Institut B2 Prüfung here are some words that I have “collected” that relate to the topics of Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. (I have been working through a B2 GI online self-paced course, and these are the words from one section of the course that I either had to look up…

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B2 Vokabeln: Beziehungen

Here is another B2 vocabulary list I created for people studying for the B2 exam. The topic is relationships. Have fun! die Beziehung relationship es geht rund um . . . It is about. . . ; it is all about . . . die Zusammenfassung summary verzichten to forgo; give up; renounce; do without…

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