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Tip-Top Deutsch explores German language and culture from an (American) English speaker’s perspective through blog posts, podcasts, interviews, and pedagogical resources for German learners accessible through this website. From Goethe, to grammar tips, to guerilla knitting, our hope is that you will find something here to inspire your love of all things German!

Host Cynthia Nielsen introduces herself and shares the vision of Tip-Top Deutsch, her passion for German language and culture, and how Tip-Top Deutsch can be a helpful resource for maintaining and improving your German language skills and growing in your understanding of German culture. If you enjoy our Podcast, blog, and other resources, please consider supporting our work at patreon.com/tiptopdeutsch.

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About the Author
Cynthia Nielsen has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of North Florida, a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Dallas, and is currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Dallas. She is known for her expertise in the field of philosophical hermeneutics (focusing especially on the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer), the philosophy of music, aesthetics, and the philosophy of race. In addition to gardening, she enjoys learning languages and is especially interested in German language and culture.

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