German Language

German Dictionaries

Linguee.  With this free, downloadable App you can access a German-English dictionary as well as other languages. Linguee, however, is much more than a dictionary and has many excellent features and perks. For example, it pronounces German words and provides helpful example sentences. From the same website you can also access DeepL, which is a translation App.  

Duden. This is the German equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary and is a German-only dictionary containing numerous language-learning resources. For example, it provides you with  information on the pronunciation, grammar, origin, and meaning of a word. In addition, it shows the correct usage through example sentences and lists synonyms of the word.

Articles, Videos, News (and more) in German

Deutsche Welle  offers a plethora of excellent German language learning resources. Here are a few that I have found extremely helpful in my own German learning journey.

  • Top Thema offers short articles and videos focusing on important and relevant topics in Germany. Each topic includes vocabulary words and explanations as well as questions related to the text. In addition, the topics are categorized according to your level (e.g., A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.).
  • Das sagt man so! Here you are introduced to common German idioms and proverbs and are given explanations and context so that you can understand how they are used. You can also test your understanding through interactive exercises. These lessons are for B1-B2 learners.
  • Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten. Here you can improve your reading and listening skills and stay up to date with current news in Germany. Both audio and text versions are included. 


Easy German. This is a weekly German-language podcast hosted by a dynamic duo, Cari and Manuel, and includes regular guest appearances from Janusz, whose segment, “Janusz philosophiert,” is one of my favorites. Cari and Manuel discuss politics, the environment, music, and many other fascinating topics. Easy German has numerous other helpful resources, including a language-learning App called, Seedlang

Auf Deutsch gesagt. This is a German-language podcast for advanced German language-learners and is hosted by Robin Meinert. Robin puts together a great show, which includes introducing and explaining new vocabulary words and interviews with interesting guests on a number of topics.

Speaking German

Italki provides a wonderful way to connect with native speakers through one-to-one tutoring via Zoom, Skype, and other video platforms.

German Grammar Helps

German adjective endings (preceding the definite article der, die, das)