Month: January 2022

B2 Vokabeln: Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft

For those preparing for the Goethe Institut B2 Prüfung here are some words that I have “collected” that relate to the topics of Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft. (I have been working through a B2 GI online self-paced course, and these are the words from one section of the course that I either had to look up…

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B2 Vokabeln: Beziehungen

Here is another B2 vocabulary list I created for people studying for the B2 exam. The topic is relationships. Have fun! die Beziehung relationship es geht rund um . . . It is about. . . ; it is all about . . . die Zusammenfassung summary verzichten to forgo; give up; renounce; do without…

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