Two Helpful German Online Dictionaries

Having a great dictionary is essential to one’s language-learning journey. There are, of course, many excellent German language dictionaries out there; however, I want to highlight two online dictionaries that I’ve found especially helpful. The first is Linguee.  With this free, downloadable App you can access a wonderful German-English dictionary as well as many other languages. Linguee, however, is much more than a dictionary and has many excellent features and perks. For example, it pronounces German words and provides helpful example sentences so that you can see how the word is used in context and, consequently, gain a better understanding of the word’s various nuances of meaning. From the same website you can also access DeepL, which is a terrific translation App.  

The second online dictionary I’d like to mention is Duden. Duden is the German equivalent to the Oxford English Dictionary and is a German-only dictionary. This online dictionary is amazing language-learning resource. Duden not only pronounces each German dictionary entry–which is important for your language acquisition–it also provides grammar helps such as declension tables for nouns and adjectives, brief information on the word’s origin, and synonyms so that you can further expand your vocabulary. Another noteworthy feature is called “Typische Verbindungen,” which is a computer generative list of words that are typically used with the word you have looked up.

If there are additional German dictionaries that you’ve found helpful, please leave a comment and tell us more about them and why you like them.

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